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Where Caring For Your Loved One is Our Priority

At Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. (CESI), we strive to create an environment where participants feel like they are in their home away from home.

As the following quotes from CESI participants’ caregivers show, CESI staff gets to know each participant and their particular needs and interests, in order to make sure that every participant and caregiver receives the support they need.
“About two years ago, a friend urged me to look at CESI for Carl, who had been diagnosed with FTD [frontotemporal dementia] three years earlier.

Carl quickly adapted to CESI and has always looked forward to going to the center several times each week.

This arrangement has improved Carl’s life as well as mine.  For Carl, it is important to socialize, to have friends at the center and to engage in activities that hold his interest.

For me, it is important to know that Carl is safe and happy at the center while I am still employed.

The center is undoubtedly the life line for our family.  It’s crucial for Carl to have a life outside of the home – it is his only connection to the outside world.  He was not someone who nurtured friendships, so it is all the more important and sustaining to nurture the connection that he has to the staff and the participants of the day program.

I am appreciative of the comprehensive care that we have been shown throughout the years at CESI.”


“It is hard to put into words how much the services and staff there have meant to our family (including my siblings). From the start of talking with you on the phone, your cheerful manner with my mom when we visited, your guidance and feedback along the way, helping my mom and all the others there each day, the nurse’s attention to detail and communication with me, the various activity leaders that supported my mom’s day, and much more.”


“Thanks to all of you for all of the kindness you gave to John each day he joined his second family.

I cannot tell you how much your program helped me cope with his illness.  This was a huge advantage to me to have John be able to leave the house and able to join you all for a pleasant day and to be able to be with people that care about him and gave him many times of fun and pleasure.

Nancy and all her staff could not have been more helpful and kind to me.  You have no idea how my phone calls to Nancy and others helped me.  I will never forget your kindness.”


“I hope you will be there when it is my turn. You have renewed my life by taking care of my parent.”


“I find the nursing staff very knowledgeable, available and helpful.”


“This program has been a lifesaver for me. My mother has Alzheimer’s disease and moved in with me two years ago. I am grateful she has a place such as this to go. My mother is very social so it is great for her to be with other people.”


“The quality of the program is excellent. It provides seniors with meaningful activities and social contacts.”


“My mother loves going to the program. She is a very social person and this allows her to interact with others her age. She thinks all the staff is wonderful. Thank you for being so kind-her life would not be as full without you.”

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