Where Caring For Your Loved One is Our Priority

Cooperative Elder Services, Inc.’s (CESI) four adult day health centers are vibrant, active environments that feature the following services:

•  Comprehensive Nursing Care – Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nurses’ Aides provide post-acute care with compassion, administering medical treatments and medications in keeping with participants’ physician orders.  For each participant, CESI staff develops an individualized care plan that is reassessed monthly.  CESI maintains regular contact with participants’ physicians and other health care providers, to ensure continuity of care.  CESI also provides ongoing monitoring of participants’ mental and cognitive health.

•  Registered Dietician Nutrition Program – Through the provision of meals and education that are tailored to each participant’s individualized needs and approved by a Registered Dietician, CESI ensures that our participants receive the nourishment, hydration and support they need to maintain their nutritional health status.

•  Recreation Program – Designed to enable seniors and adults with medical or cognitive challenges to socialize with peers, participate in meaningful activities, exercise their minds and bodies, and have fun.  CESI organizes the following activities for participants: Exercise (e.g., chair yoga), arts and crafts, adaptive touch screen technology, live music, cooking classes, gardening, current events and news, trivia, games, animal therapy, poetry and book groups, and celebrations.  All activities are overseen by CESI’s Occupational Therapist and activities professionals, to ensure that each participant’s needs and interests are met, and to maximize participation.

•  Transportation – CESI coordinates with vendors to secure door-to-door transportation in handicapped-accessible vans for all participants who request it, to ensure that adult day health programs remain a viable option for our participants.

•  Service Coordination – CESI collaborates with a wide network of community partners to ensure that our participants are receiving high-quality, comprehensive care, including: Geriatric Care Managers, MassHealth providers, the Massachusetts network of Aging Service Access Points agencies (ASAPs), the Department of Veterans Affairs, Senior Care Options Providers, as well as with private home care companies, visiting nurses associations, individual physicians, and other community-based providers.

•  Specialized Memory Care – CESI staff receives on-going education in the best practices of Alzheimer’s care, including sensory stimulation strategies, specialized communication techniques, and behavioral interventions.  Programming focuses on failure-free activities designed to target long-term memory and encourage clients to use their remaining cognitive skills, while enhancing self-esteem and dignity.

•  Caregiver Support – To provide our participants’ caregivers with the skills and resources to better care for their loved ones and themselves, CESI’s offers educational events, support groups, counseling, referral services, care planning assistance, and health education. Each of CESI’s centers provides or facilitates support groups for caregivers; to find a CESI support group near you, contact us.

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