How to Start a Conversation about Your Future Health

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Summer is a great time to get together with family. Barbeques, beach vacations and relishing the warm weather are some wonderful ways to spend time with family. It’s also an ideal time to think about and have conversations with you family about your future healthcare needs. It may seem like a serious subject for breezy summer evenings but starting the discussion early can help you and your loved ones understand what is important to you for your care.  

To start a conversation with loved ones, you need to provide them with some perspective.

  • Be honest. The best way to start the conversation is to provide your loved ones with a clear understanding of your current health.
  • Have realistic expectations. It’s important to understand that your loved ones may find it difficult to discuss the topic.
  • Be clear about your expectations for future care if your health changes.
  • Recognize that this is an ongoing conversation. You don’t have to discuss everything in the first conversation.
  • Educate your loved ones about the options available for senior health care.

Your family may believe that the only options are nursing homes or taking care of you themselves. Adult Day Health programs allow seniors to age-in-place while serving their health and socialization needs. Seniors attend adult day health programs during the day and then return to their caregivers in the evening.

Cooperative Elder Services provides participants with an environment that supports their whole health including:

  • Socialization with their peers
  • Participation in meaningful activities
  • Exercising their minds and bodies
  • Learning to manage their chronic diseases
  • Maintaining compliance with physicians’ orders

Adult day health programs also provide caregivers with services and support that address a family’s emotional, financial and medical needs.

To find out more about Cooperative Elder Services Adult Day Health programming, visit or contact us at or 781-863-1166, ext. 104.

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