Why Adult Day Health Programs Benefit Stroke Rehabilitation

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After a stroke an important part of recovery is rehabilitation. It’s critical to start this process as soon as possible to limit stroke-related complications, stabilize your medical condition and relearn lost skills and abilities.

Adult day health programs can ensure you get the occupational and physical therapy needed, focused on both regaining lost abilities, while maintaining current abilities. The nursing team oversees care and ensures it aligns with your medical plan.

Stroke rehabilitation plans can take many different forms depending upon the part of body or type of ability affected and often include both physical and cognitive activities.

Physical activities

Regular, prescribed exercise can improve your strength, coordination, balance and fitness and may include:

  • Motor skill exercises to help improve coordination and strength
  • Range of motion to ease muscle tension
  • Repetitive exercises to reduce stiffness and pain

Cognitive Activities

Cognitive and emotional activities are an important part of stroke rehabilitation. You may participate in:

  • Occupational therapy to help with memory, processing and problem-solving
  • Speech therapy to regain lost speaking abilities and comprehension
  • Counseling and/or support for emotional wellbeing.

Stroke rehabilitation varies by person. Adult day health programs are able to develop an individualized program tailored to the individual, and will have the ability to monitor progress. The programs also provide the opportunity for you to participate in other adult day health programming such as social activities, which can also benefit your rehabilitation process.

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