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President – John Fallon

Vice President – Kimberly Merriman, PhD

Treasurer – Erik Langhoff


Co-Secretary – Harriet Onello

Co-Secretary – JoAnne Thomas, RN

 Nancy Marzilli


Kelly Marino                                            Jane Erekson                                           Tony Dellovo, MPH



Erica Johnson, Executive Director
Erica Johnson has over 20 years’ experience in human services and healthcare programs.  Before joining CESI in 2014, she worked for Kit Clark Senior Services, directing the Adult Day Health and Senior Center services.  Erica holds a master’s degree from Boston University and received her undergraduate degree from George Washington University. In addition to her years of experience in aging services, Erica has directed programs in developmental disabilities and behavioral health services, as well as international health care program development.Erica is experienced in group facilitation, and fostering community partnerships. Erica celebrates the dual distinction as Seeker of Afternoon Treats and Non-Baker of Treats. (On that note, is there any candy lying around?)  When not working she can be found chasing after her very energetic son and his four-legged, furry brother.

Michelle Holmberg, Director of Services
Michelle Holmberg joined CESI in 2016 as the Program Director for our Concord Center.  In 2018 she was promoted to Director of Services, leading program services and community partnerships. Michelle has her Master’s in Community Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Her previous work focused on mental health education and suicide prevention, and workplace wellness and diversity, including LGBTQ cultural competency. Michelle was a proud member of the Acton Council on Aging Board for several years. She is an experienced public speaker, trainer, and published author. When not distracting her coworkers with stories when people are busy enough as it is, Michelle likes to paint, sing in the car, and try to fix the broken coffee maker (all these things are done poorly, but with enthusiasm). Michelle’s favorite emoji is the flamenco dancer.

Donna Landino, Program Director
Donna Landino has worked for CESI for more than 10 years, holding multiple positions before being promoted to Program Director. Donna has dedicated most of her professional life to caring for others. Before joining CESI, Donna managed a preschool for more than 20 years, and a position as a pharmacy supervisor. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and is recently certified as a Dementia Practitioner. In her spare time around CESI, she enjoys some light plumbing work, and serving as the on-hand meteorologist. Unfortunately for Donna, CESI is not open 24/7 and so when forced to leave the program (kicking and screaming) you are likely to find her at York Beach in Maine sun, rain, or snow.

Tammy LeCompte, Program Director
Tammy LeCompte has more than 20 years’ experience in the human service field. Prior to joining CESI, Tammy provided oversight for day programs and residential services for adults with developmental disabilities. She is a skilled trainer and group facilitator, particularly in human rights, abuse and neglect, and best practices in using people-first language. Tammy’s educational background includes human services and psychology, and she is currently pursuing a business degree at Southern New Hampshire University. She is also in pursuit of the perfect Floridian beach to relax on, and the perfect cheer to embarrass support her children with in their respective events. Tammy is not ashamed of the hairnet she likes to sport when serving food at the sites, nor the corny jokes she shares with gusto. You can laugh at her, or you can laugh with her, but we’re all laughing in the end right?

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